Utility Reminder

As the temperatures plunge below zero for much of the week, a lot of furnaces are going to be working overtime.  For many of you, the expensive gas and electric bills will mean becoming delinquent on your utilities.
The winter moratorium protects you from a shut-off until April 15.
If you fall behind on your utilities and are facing a shut-off in the spring, call an attorney now.  Don’t wait until April 14 to do something about it – you won’t be the only person with this problem.
Wisconsin Public Service has been cooperating with Chapter 128 debtors to avoid shut off, despite a Milwaukee County court decision that ruled they were under no obligation to do so.  Chapter 128 can be a fast and inexpensive way to get relief from a utility shut-off.  WE Energies customers, however, cannot rely on a Chapter 128 stay.