While your bankruptcy case is pending, it is important to keep your attorney apprised of any changes of your contact information.  Not only is it important so that we can keep in touch with you, but so we can also inform the bankruptcy court of any change of address.  This way, you won’t miss out on any official notices filed with the court.
But hey – your attorney probably isn’t the only important person in your life who you need to make sure has your new address.  And as someone who has moved many times in his life – I know that it’s daunting trying to think of a list of everyone you need to send a notice to.  And invariably – some folks get missed.
That’s why filing a change of address with the USPS is so critically important.  It’s fast, easy, and free (if you go to the post office and do it in person).  If you do it online, it costs a whopping one dollar.
Not only will the post office forward any mail addressed to your old address to your new address, but those envelopes will be specially marked so that you can see who is still sending mail to your old address.  Then you can notify those people as you remember / become aware of them.
In short – there is NO EXCUSE for not receiving important communication from either the bankruptcy court or your attorney just because you moved.  Mail forwarding is easy, and if you want to register for it online, you can do it right here: