Saturday Mail Processing / Delayed Mail Delivery

In recent weeks, I’ve been notified by 3 or 4 different clients that letters sent out were arriving considerably later than is typical for postal delivery.  I met with the Green Bay postmaster today and we have solved at least part of the mystery.  All mail picked up on Saturdays is re-routed to Milwaukee and distributed from there.
So, effective immediately, no mail will be sent from this office on Saturdays (any outgoing mail will be held until Monday morning).  Furthermore, I advise my clients to not send out mail on Saturdays, particularly if mailing something time-sensitive or on a deadline.
In at least one instance, a letter (thankfully not time-sensitive) was delivered 3-4 weeks after it was mailed.  The diversion to Milwaukee doesn’t completely explain that, so the postmaster is continuing to investigate.  If you receive any letter from my office more than a week after the date on the letter, please hang on to the envelope.  There is USPS tracking information printed on them that we can use to figure out what’s going on.